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Guidelines For Maintenance Of Mechanical Seals

1.Remove as much shaft deflection as possible

2.Remove as much vibration as possible

3.Make sure the stuffing box temperature within the function limits.

4.Make sure stuffing box pressure within the seal limits.

5.Monitor any stuffing box environmental controls to keep them functioning, especially when the pump is stopped.

6.Make your mechanical seals have anti-clogging features built into them

7.Use cartridge seals to make installation easier

8.Use back up seals to prevent an shut down unexpectedly.

Operation And Maintenance Of Kettle Mechanical Seals

Part one

1. Check the installation of the mechanical seal type, size

2, Make sure that the installation, related dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy mechanical seals meet the technical requirements. Mainly in the following aspects:

A. installation of mechanical seal parts of the shaft (or sleeve) runout tolerance of the shaft (or sleeve) diameter tolerance and surface finish.

B. combining the seal chamber and positioning end face seal (or sleeve) of the vertical centerline of tolerance.

C. mounted on the shaft end portion of the sealing ring (or sleeve), the end portion structure of the mechanical seal housing and a mounting hole chamfer finish.

D. an axial displacement of the working mechanical seal, the shaft.

3. The installation process of the mechanical seal should be kept clean and not allowed to use tool to beat the sealing elements to prevent damage and destruction.

4. installation, dynamic and static ring surface should be coated with a layer of clean oil, turbine oil. Install the front secondary seal (including dynamic and static ring ring seal) also need a clean coat of oil, turbine oil, in order to ensure a smooth installation.

5. the fixed ring seal ring retaining ring back after sealing the end cap, to pay attention not to hurt the retaining ring, the retaining ring and the end cap to ensure that the vertical centerline, and paying attention to the fixed ring to the rear anti-rotation slot having an anti-rotation pin aligned, but not touching.

Part two

1. Before you start the host, check the mechanical seal secure connection equipment, cooling and lubrication system is perfect flow.

2. The starting material should be a duct to be cleaned prior to prevent rust and impurities into the sealed chamber.

3.Moving hand drive coupling, easy to check whether the axis of rotation, if the disk is moving very heavy, you need to check the relevant mounting dimensions are correct.

4. Before normal driving, the need for hydrostatic testing, mechanical face seals, inspection and sealing effect at the sealed end cap seals, if there are problems, solve them one by one check.

5. The host starts, it should remain sealed chamber filled with a sealing fluid or medium, Individually sealed system should start, if the cooling water system began to circulate.

6.The operation of the normal use of the former pressure, observe the temperature of the sealing portion. If it is normal, there are no leaks. If minor leakage, it can be run together for some time, so that a more uniform attachment end leakage gradually decreased to normal. If you run 1-3 hours, and it is not conducive to reduce leakage, you need to stop checking.

7.Under normal working conditions, safety seals boost heating were slow, pay attention to the temperature rise and the drain end. If everything is normal, you can put into production use.

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