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Application of Cartridge Mechanical Seal in Petrochemical Enterprise-III

3.The overall structure of cartridge mechanical seal

Overall structure of mechanical seal is pre-loaded of dynamic ring, static ring, gland, and sleeves  into an organic whole, becoming a mounted structure. Positioning block will has axial restraint of  stationary and rotating parts of axial fixation, ensure the installation precision of the seal. All parts of the cartridge mechanical seal produced by seal factory, which make it easier for manufacturers to control seal assembly quality. After adopting cartridge mechanical seal, a lot of shortcomings of bulk mechanical seal can be solved.
When installing of cartridge mechanical seal, workers can see mechanical seal as a black box, just put the connecting bolts of gland on the dead, then fix the sleeves. It is thus clear that cartridge mechanical seal installation has little technical level requirement for workers, and its structure to ensure the sealing good installation accuracy. 

Figure 2   Typical double faces cartridge mechanical seal
 Typical double faces cartridge mechanical seal

4, application of cartridge dry gas mechanical seal in butyl octyl alcohol device 3254 pump 
Figure 3  cartridge dry gas mechanical seal 

 cartridge dry gas mechanical seal

Dry gas mechanical seal is a new end-face seal that takes advantages of principle of gas dynamics. 
During the running of seal, do not need any maintenance, pump the scene is very clean. At the same time, the pump as a result of dry gas seal, shaft seal power is greatly reduced.
In addition, there are lots of small spring seal and metal bellow seals are modified into cartridge  structure, so that the equipment service life of mechanical seal are improved greatly.

(1)Seal and shaft sleeve, gland pre-loaded into an organic whole, to ensure the good cooperation with related parts and improve the reliability of the seal.
(2)By positioning, ensure the amount of spring compression, make the seal design conditions run and improve the service life of the seal.
(3)Dynamic, static pressure test before seal delivery, to ensure the sealing test conditions and consistent working conditions on site, improve the quality of the seal installation.
(4)Seal is assembled before delivery, site maintenance workers do not need to debug but can ensure the installation quality, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the demand for workers technical level.

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