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Effect of Mechanical Seals Damage to Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic transmission application is very broad in mechanical processing industry, such as various types of semi-automatic hydraulic transmission lathe, etc.The machine is in use process, often appears fault such as shock, crawling. However, we can not find he cause of the problem in the hydraulic control components (such as all kinds of pump, valve) during the diagnosis of repair, which lead to the maintenance work in trouble.And ultimately such fault is often found on the components of the reason, the oil cylinder piston mechanical seals components caused by serious wear and tear.This kind of phenomenon, especially appears in the "O" ring mechanical seals.

Example 1: CB3463-1 SPC hexagonal turret semi-automatic lathe, during use, appears the turret head feed speed can't adjust the failure phenomenon. After turning off the machine, it still craw and can't normal use. Inspection and repairing: Check all hydraulic control components, especially the control elements are not found any problem.Replaced part of speed regulating valve, fault has not been eliminated. After the overhaul oil cylinder, find that "O" ring mechanical seals are serious wear and tear, which makes two cavity of the hydraulic oil cylinder and channeling. Finally, replace "O" ring mechanical seals, machine tool fault elimination and running back to normal. 

Example 2: CE7120 Hydraulic copying lathe, in working process, appears  profiling tool slide is lead knife downward turn to longitudinal feed cutting knife,metallic sound, machine can't work normally.

Inspection and repairing:Check the hydraulic control elements are trouble-free, repair work get into the blind area at one time. Overhauling longitudinal oil cylinder head, found that the piston seal "O" ring mechanical seals have been wear out extremely. At the same time, the size of the mechanical seals is not suitable with the machine, and there is a big gap between the mechanical seals and oil cylinder, which lead to oil fluxion in two oil cylinder. 

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