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Mechanical seal and the Selection of Piping System

With the improvement of environment protection and human health requirements, also to machine leakage requirement enhances unceasingly. Due to mechanical seal leakage quantity is small, reliable sealing. Therefore since 1885, Britain's first since the mechanical seal, mechanical seal is widely used in chemical, petrochemical and medical device. The current 70 ~ 80% of industrial pumps with mechanical seal.
API610 Petroleum, Chemical and natural Gas industrial Centrifugal pump (Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum, Heavy Chemical, and Gas Industry Services) requires the continuous operation of the pump cycle for at least three years. This requires the continuous cycle of mechanical seal must be reached more than 3 years.   
Although mechanical seal technology develops very fast in recent years, the continuous improvement of the mechanical seal container type and the continuous application of new material, make the seal life greatly extended, leakage is greatly reduced. But to satisfy this rule is still very difficult.   

According to statistics, mechanical seal failure caused by more than 40% of the total machine fault. The phenomenon is decided by working conditions of a dynamic seal of pump unit. Second, many domestic design units and engineering company (including users) think pump factory and seal factory should take responsibility of seal selection and has little understanding of the pipeline system, mechanical seal, type, structure and principle. Thus it is difficult to participate in the selection of mechanical seal, which caused improper seal selection.

Having a good understanding of seal parameters, grasps the sealing structure, type, material, standard and its characteristic, closely design units (including users) and pump factory and seal factory contact, mutual cooperation, can guarantee seal stable and reliably for a long period of time.

Mechanical Seal

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