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Real-Time Health Assessments And Predictive Diagnostics For Mechanical Seals

Recently,John Crane designed the new technology to provide real-time health assessments and predictive diagnostics for mechanical seals – components that are critical to the reliable, safe operation of rotating equipment in the oil and gas industry. Utilizing artificial intelligence and the company’s unique understanding of mechanical seal failure modes, John Crane’s research and development team developed the Predictive Diagnostics System through collaboration programs with leading universities. The company is also evaluating additional applications for the system. 

Richest(HK)development limited,as one of leading and professional China John Crane mechanical seals manufacturer, has many years of experience of producing John Crane mechanical seals. John Crane’s presentation on 21 July 2015, real-time health assessments and predictive diagnostics for mechanical seals, which contribute to human beings. It is not only a mechanical seal, but also closely related to people’s healthy. 

As we all know, with the development of the substances level, people will pay more attention to green and Environmental Protection rather than simple convenience and efficiency.

Thus, Richest will do our best to manufacture the newest john crane mechanical seals to meet customers’ requirements all over the world. For we have the most professional research and development team, with advanced equipment and experienced experts. Our products have good quality and reasonable price, we offers good pre-sale and after-sale service

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