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The Difference between Mechanical Seals and Bearing Seals

Mechanical seals
Mechanical seals, delicate and complex mechanical structure, is one of the basic components, and all sorts of pumps, synthesis reaction kettle, is the key components of the turbine compressor, submersible motors and other equipment. The sealing performance and service life of the mechanical seals depend on many factors, such as selection, the precision of the machine, the correct installation use, etc.

Method of type selection
Mechanical seals according to the working conditions and the properties of medium, there are high temperature resistant, resistant to low temperature mechanical seal, mechanical seal, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of granules medium mechanical seals and adapt to vaporize the mechanical seals of light hydrocarbon medium, etc., should be according to the different use to select different structure and materials of mechanical seals.
Type and main parameters of mechanical seals: mechanical seals chamber pressure(MPa), fluid temperature(℃), working speed (m/s), fluid identity and effective space of mechanical seals.

Bearing seals

Bear seals device installation is nearly four years, past shaft seals are open type, in order to ensure the shaft lubrication and dust proof, sealing device is located in the bearing on both ends of the shaft. Along with the development of the industry, food industry, in particular, the popularity of the modern office machinery and electrical appliances, equipment design is compact, the weight to prevent leaks, gas leakage, it appears the bearing itself is a seal. First sealed deep groove bearing is  is one of the most important seal. In recent years, all kinds of rolling bearing with different sealing ring of bearing, bearing seal is one of the important direction of development of bearing technology. A quarter of the current our country bearing production has been shipped sealing ring, each year over the next decade there will be two to three kinds of bearing structure, and 2000-30 million sets of bearings developed into the bearing seal structure. Different structure bearing and use of different operating mode, require sealing ring structure and material is different, so the workload of the research and development is very big.

Mechanical Seals

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